How Diversity Can Help Business

Diversity and inclusion are important values—and they can help businesses grow and achieve their goals.

Understanding Economic Nexus

Sales tax compliance strategies have become more aggressive. Most business owners and operators are probably familiar with tax compliance as it pertains to physical nexus. But economic nexus requires businesses operating out of one state to comply with th

The End of Cold Calling

The idea of cold calling, a technique adapted from door-to-door offerings of the early 1900s, has been a staple in the traditional sales process. But like the door-to-door predecessor, time changes the approach.

New Financial Trend: Creating Visualization

As businesses emerge from a time of delicate financial balance associated with the economic impacts of the pandemic, now is the time to be considerate of updates to financial structures and financial reporting that allow for more efficiencies and greater

Wasting Money on Tech

Over the past year, we have seen one of the largest booms to technology integration than during any similar timeframe in history. Technology as a necessity of operations has never been clearer. Still, companies find themselves overspending, underutilizing

Short-Term Business Financing Risks

10-year Treasury notes hit a new high bringing the long-term debt market to a place of relative stability. But what does this mean for small business financing?

Adaptive Risk Management

How do we learn strategically from the events of the past year and is this something we should better prepare our businesses for in the future?

Intangible Asset Valuation

As a means of valuation, businesses find that harnessing intangible assets creates a better indication of the company’s performance in the market, furthers tangible assets, and provides a more favorable overall company assessment.

Credit Starved Small Business

Those disregarded most by banking institutions are between $100,000 and $1 million of annual revenue. While the evidence suggests that these are companies most in need and with the best reputation for maintaining positive growth even during adverse times.

New Consumer Habits in Online Sales

Learn the latest on consumer spending habits in the world of online sales versus retail – and how businesses can best strategize given current consumer habits.