8 Common Distributor Challenges & How to Solve Them

Written by Maya Bur
Do you experience any of these eight challenges as a distributor? Get solutions that can help you jump these hurdles and level up your business!

It’s no secret: entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But in addition to the hurdles that being an entrepreneur can present, distributor business owners in the promotional industry face a unique set of challenges. From juggling tons of daily to-dos like client communication, supplier relations, back-office tasks and marketing, to facing the limitations of funding orders; distributors need targeted support to overcome the challenges of their profession.

Here are eight of the most common areas in which distributors are challenged – and recommendations to overcome these challenges, one by one.

#1: Community

Community is a basic human need. And while one may have community in certain areas of life, like within family, friend groups, or religious organizations, it can be tough for entrepreneurs to find a supportive professional community. Entrepreneurship can be lonely – and many distributors are beginning to seek community to help them feel more fulfilled in their professional lives.

The ACS Affiliate Services community provides a culture of support and collaboration, while helping business owners stay connected. Affiliates gain a community of like-minded professionals, ready and willing to answer questions, share ideas, and provide tips on achieving your goals.

#2: Strategy

Smart strategy is key to business growth. But most distributor business owners simply don’t have the spare time to research strategy, generate plans, and enact them. If you’re unsure how to strategize for optimal growth, ACS is here to help!

Affiliates gain support from strategists who know the industry inside and out. You’ll get the guidance you need to focus on the right activities to foster your sales and business growth.

#3: Marketing

Staying relevant in today’s crowded digital landscape is a challenge for any business. But it’s especially difficult for small business owners who are juggling tons of daily tasks. If you want to improve your marketing, but don’t have time to dedicate to creating marketing plans and materials, ACS can help.

ACS affiliates get free ready-to-go tools and custom creative agency marketing materials that let them market their services and grow their business. A team of strategists, designers, and copywriters who know the promotional industry are ready to take on your marketing campaigns, videos, social media posts, blog posts, and more!

#4: Financial

Ever had an opportunity for a big order that you weren’t able to take on because the up-front cost was too high? Financial strain, order size limitations, and carrying receivables can hold your business back from growth.

But there’s a better way: full order financing from ACS lets you take on any order of any size! Accept orders with confidence, knowing you have the financial backing to ensure success, every time.

#5: Technology

Are you using different technology platforms for product sourcing, order management, website management, and CRM? Often, distributors’ day-to-day routines get disorganized and slowed down when trying to use various tech systems for their many daily tasks.

Streamline your work with an innovative tech platform that does it all! ACS’s proprietary system, Tech Suite, lets you manage every step of the order process in one system: from product selection to order fulfillment. Plus, manage your client’s webstores and other sites, access free digital marketing flyers, and more.

#6: Support

Wishing you had an extra set of helping hands? Hiring employees is expensive and time-consuming. What if there were a way you could enlist support without the responsibility of hiring?

ACS offers the support you need by providing your business with a dedicated account coordinator to process invoices, submit sales tax, and more. This back-office support gives you the freedom to focus on your area of specialization: advising your clients and making sales!

#7: Time

Time is our most valuable resource. And with so many tasks on your plate, it’s hard to find time to focus on scaling up your business, achieving strategic goals, or even just taking time off to spend with family or loved ones.

With ACS’s support and services, you’ll improve your quality of life by gaining more time to do the things you want – and need – to do. Take back your time and prioritize your goals!

#8: Supplier Leverage

Struggling with supplier relations? Building strong relationships with top suppliers takes time. But by joining an affiliate group, you not only get an in with these suppliers; you also gain access to discounted pricing and more rebates.

The ACS VIP Supplier program makes it simple to build stronger supplier relationships and save big. This sets you up to maximize your income and improve your working relationships.

The Bottom Line

There’s no need to let common challenges hold your business back! ACS Affiliate Services is dedicated to addressing and solving distributors' problems.

Discover if ACS Affiliate Services is right for your business. Reach out today to learn more.