New Trends for Company Stores

Written by Alexis Nocito, Website Coordinator, and Reily Gordon, Website Designer
Ecommerce stores are in high demand. Learn about current trends and get fresh ideas for your clients’ company stores.

Ecommerce is having a moment. Actually, it’s been having a year! It seems like everyone is talking about ecommerce websites, but lately, it’s become personal. Companies are looking to websites to capture a hand-picked audience; sell the newest products to people they know, such as clients, members, or employees; and even promote a brand within their brand.  

While uniform and tradeshow stores are still alive and well, distributors are finding that many clients also want smaller stores with a personal touch. From homecoming weekend to employee appreciation and PPE essentials, company stores are a tool that can help each of your clients continue to spread the spirit of their brand! Here are some of the latest company store trends to know. 

Gift Redemption Stores 

Many are starting to head back to the office, and employers want to help their work family feel appreciated and safe through the act of gifting. Instead of picking a “one-size-fits-all” product for all employees, you can offer a gift redemption web store that mixes a variety of products. Your client can simply share the website link to allow their audience to browse, click, and order products of their choice! It’s sure to make a lasting impression when your client sees a handpicked selection of great merchandise virtually imprinted with their logo. 

Laser-Targeted Product Selection & Customization 

The results speak for themselves – company stores are a way to market to your clients and prospects directly, showing that you care about their brand. But what makes ACS company stores such an effective marketing tool? For one, they’re fully integrated within the Tech Suite platform, giving you the entire catalog of promotional products from top industry suppliers to market to your clients. Choose from thousands of products, and easily copy from the Tech Suite catalog into your company store. Work with our team or your client to pick products that will promote brand awareness and that their customers will love! 

With ACS's resources and company stores, you can create a redemption site with that truly personal touch, so each of your clients can continue to spread the love for their employees and their brand. Our team will help you ensure your store has a unique look and feel to drive customer engagement. With banners, blogs, forms, image galleries and more, you can put forward your client’s vision and keep their customers up to date. 

Coupon Code Functionality 

Want to go the extra mile? Our website platform has a powerful coupon code functionality which can be used to provide great savings opportunities. This is an especially popular option for clients who want create redemption and gifting sites. Coupon codes can be easily created for different amounts and given to top customers for a one-time or recurring use. Whatever type of company store you’re planning, our ecommerce platform is integrated with multiple credit card gateways and has a host of customizable shipping options to get the products to your client’s customer base quickly and easily.  

The Bottom Line 

Let’s face it, times are changing – fast. With our website tools and powerful market resources, you can stay on the pulse of the biggest trends in promo. The best part is, so can your clients. With an ACS company store, you can provide them with a selection of the best new products from trusted suppliers in our industry. No matter your ecommerce needs, ACS has you covered.

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